The Process

 If you are interested in indoor vertical growing and the positive impact it can have on your community, BioSelect is the right choice from beginning to harvest.

Design and Install

We are proud to be partnering with Scott Builders, who will work with you to ensure your space is ready for BioSelect’s system. If you have an already existing facility that you would like to adapt for BioSelect operations, Scott Builders will help design a unique system to suit your space and make sure you have an efficient operating system. This includes upgrading HVAC units and anything else to ensure it is up to spec.

If you are interested in a new facility specifically for BioSelect’s system, we will provide the business plan, create the design, build the facility, and supply all the technology required to get the operation started.


At BioSelect, we know that training your employees correctly and thoroughly is the key to success! To manage this, we have developed a thorough training program to ensure your workers are confident in their knowledge to operate your system efficiently.

We are in the process of developing a training facility in the Greater Edmonton Region that we will do both live and virtual training. The live training will be based on hands-on and classroom training. We also offer onsite training programs for remote locations.

Here, we train you on the technology and the processes involved. The training will differ depending on whether or not you are selling the product commercially.


Once the systems are in place and the technology is running, BioSelect stays by your side. We want to ensure you have all the tools necessary for a successful growing season – year-round! Whether this means providing advice on seed or packaging or training your employees and new hires – we provide an ongoing service contract so you always have a team behind you. Our team of professionals will help troubleshoot any issues or answer any questions you have. We will work with you to ensure your crops are the healthiest they can be, whether you focus on lettuce, cucumbers, or tomatoes.

Let us help you provide for your community.

Sample Floor Plan